Welcome to school of Indian dance «Anugama»!

First Kuchipudi dance school in Russia was opened in 1994, in Saint-Petersburg by Anna Mashak. This art form was not only a wonderful discovery for her, but became her fate and long lasting love.

Really beautiful and mystique energy of Indian art leaving you breathless and opens you new way of self-knowledge. Main what you get on this way is harmony of your body and soul, physical and intellectual.

Anugama offers only one classical dance style  Kuchipudi. We love to study it deeper.

Mastering one style we don’t mix other technics and energies into it. Each classical dance has its own beauty and endless way to learn. Indian gurus, whom we invite for workshops do think the same way.

Apart of that we invite to learn beautiful folk dances of India.
Dance, that full of colors, joy and energy.
Welcome to our dance school!
Do come and join our family like group of artists.

We also welcome you for our dance performances, workshops, festivals and dance competitions.
We’re open for collaboration and performances at your events and functions.